Thông Tin Tuyển Dụng Trong Ngày Hội Việc Làm 2015_cập nhật 2/10

Tuyển dụng phiên dịch viên tiếng Nhật bán thời gian

Date 2/10
1) Job description
In our Japanese company,
 Interpreting/Translating
 Writing documents in Japanese/Vietnamese

① Japanese interpreter
- Interpreters for Vietnamese and Japanese
- Interpreting in conferences, meetings, exchange between Vietnam and Japan

② Japanese translation
- To translate documents (mostly in IT technical documents) from Japanese to Vietnamese and Vietnamese to Japanese
- To support in communication between Japanese engineers and Vietnamese engineers

2) Conditions
- Japanese major in four-year or three-year college students
- Using a personal computer
- Salary: 20.000VND/h - 30.000VND/h (by experience and ability)
- Travel allowances: the cost will be supported
- Working time: - According to your choice. You can work in the morning or afternoon. If
you work all day the better.
- you can take long vacations when you are too busy to learn in school

3) Benefits
- Fee snacks, free drink and cup noodles
- Twice or once a month, you can participate in company party

4) Workplace, working hour
From 8:00 to 17:20 on Monday-Friday.
2nd floor,3rd floor, Packsimex Building, 52 Dong Du Street, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, HCMC
5) Recruiting process
1. Send CV in Japanese to
2. After screening, we will reply to candidates.
3. After an interview meeting, we will send an offer letter.

※ What is ALLGROW LABO Co., LTD,
1. A fully Japanese invested IT company, head office locates in Tokyo.
2. We also have a branch office in Bangkok/Thailand in addition to Tokyo and HCMC.
3. In HCMC office, we develop software for Japanese online shopping market, and we support Japanese enterprises' software development.
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